RenovaLase® treatment

Atrophic Vaginitis (also known as vaginal atrophy or urogenital-atrophy) is an inflammation of the vagina (and the outer urinary tract) due to the thinning and shrinking of the tissues, accompanied by decreased lubrication. These symptoms arise due to a lack of the reproductive hormone Oestrogen.

RenovaLase® is an innovative and unique, non-invasive 2940nm Er:YAG laser therapy for the symptoms of Atrophic Vaginitis; which utilises the laser-induced photo-thermal effect to stimulate collagenesis, cellularity of the extracellular matrix, papillomatosis and angiogenesis, with in the vaginal tissue, without causing thermal or ablative damage.

RenovaLase® is based on the non-ablative, non-invasive, safe photo thermal treatment of the vaginal canal.

By utilising the Fotona Smooth™ technology Er:YAG laser, in a controlled manner, the symptoms of Vaginal Atrophy can be reversed. These symptoms include:

  • Vaginal itching and irritation
  • Chronic vaginal discharge
  • Vaginal burning sensation
  • Ulceration of the vaginal mucosa.
  • Dyspareunia

The laser pulse width is around 250ms, with penetration of the laser from 350um to 500um meaning it is only acting superficially and not affecting deeper lying structures.

The final result of this bio stimulation is an elevation of the temperature of vaginal tissue to between 40° and 50° C is the increased epithelial thickness as well as vascularisation of the lamina propria, mentioned above, resulting in the reduction of the symptoms such as dryness, itching, irritation and dyspareunia.

Advantages of RenovaLase®

  • Minimally invasive
  • Walk-In, Walk-Out procedure
  • Pain Free
  • 15 minute treatment
  • No side effects or contra-indications
  • Immediate effect
  • Functional restoration of the vaginal mucosa
  • Safe treatment without long-term hormonal therapy

Preliminary clinical studies show that it is an efficient, easy-to-use, quick and safe procedure, without the need for long-term hormonal therapy.

The latest scientific results presented by LAHA specialist Dr. Adrian Gaspar clearly show a noticeable improvement in the symptoms s of vaginal atrophy.

„The results show favourable changes on the tropism of the vaginal mucosa, with increases in collagen and vasculisation as well as an increase in the glycogen levels and the epithelial thickness.


There was no ablation of the tissue or thermal damage, and no complications we recorded. The positive effects were long lasting and result was sustained at a 6 month follow-up. With no need for long term hormonal treatment, RenovaLase® is also appropriate for patients with hormone –dependent cancer such as melanomas, endometrial cancer, breast cancer or with a family background of such cancers.”