Patient testimonials

Intimate rejuvenation

After my first IntimaLase treatment I gradually felt the effects of the treatments. My first IntimaLase treatment was 6 months ago. Both I and my husband are satisfied with the effects of the treatment. The treatment was absolutely painless. The effects of the IntimaLase treatment exceeded our expectations by far.
Due to my job I cannot spend 3-4 days in hospital, so I choose IncontiLase treatment which does not requires this. Also, since this treatment is not a surgery it was an obvious choice. Every time I sneezed or coughed my urine was uncontrollable. Lately, even the smallest stimulus had caused trouble with my urine. The IncontiLase treatment caused no pain. The only thing I felt was a little warm sensation. The effect of the treatment was noticeable after 6 weeks. After 3 months my urine was fully under control even when I sneezed or coughed. Right now only the heavy lifting causing a bit of urine. I am fully satisfied with the treatment.
Despite my age, I usually run 6-7 km a day. I had lost a few drop of urine every time I sneezed or coughed. I had to use the medium thick incontinence panty liner, which was filled with urine by the end of running. The IncontiLase treatment caused no nuisance to me. The effect of the treatment was noticeable after 3 months and my condition was getting better day by day. My first treatment had happened 6 months ago. By now, my urine leaks are no more and I am only using panty liners for safety’s sake. My doctor even measured my vagina pressure, which was quite low before the treatment, and it has normalised by now.
Due to Endometriosis, I had ovarium surgery in 1997. The results of the histology showed a malignant ovarium tumour, so my two ovarium and womb was surgically removed. As a post-treatment I had received radiation treatment for 5 weeks and chemotherapy. After these treatments I had fecal incontinence and urinal incontinence and also, due to the lack of estrogen hormone in my young age, vaginal dryness. It was quite a hardship to overcome this, since I was only 27 years old at the time. When I first read about this new treatment I felt I have to give it a try, I have nothing to lose. My doctor informed me about the international results of this laser treatment that these results are quite promising with the treatment of gynaecological problems caused by radiotherapy – mainly vaginal dryness. I had received RenovaLase every 3 weeks for 3 occasions. The treatment was painless. When I had arrived for the 3rd treatment I had already felt the effects of this treatment, the quality of my life increased sensibly. The fecal and urinal incontinence is gone. I had gone for a 20km bicycle trip with my family for the first time in years. My vaginal dryness is gradually improved. After 13 years, this positive change in my life is unbelievable.