Vitalium Laser Centre

The Vitalium Laser Centre can be found in an exclusive environment in the Hotel Európafit **** superior, which has got several international acknowledgements and rewards (Tripadvisor 2014, Gault & Millau 2014). The portfolio of activities are the following: gynaecological, aesthetical and laryngological treatments with the Nd:YAG and Er:YAG laser devices.

The Vitalium Laser Centre was the first to introduce the dual-wavelenght technique in Hungary, which is able to treat the top and deeper layers of the skin simultaneously without causing any cicatrisation, complication or downtime. The treatments can be done in any season of the year!

  • painless
  • without bleeding
  • no anaesthesia required
  • walk-in/walk-out procedure
  • safe
  • clinically approved
  • licensed

Intimate rejuvenation

Intimate rejuvenation program: The introduction of Fotona's Smooth™ technology came with revolutionary changes in the aesthetic gynaecology. The treatment of certain gynaecological problems has become possible that were not possible to treat or only with surgical methods.

  • IntimaLase™ vaginal tightening treatment
  • IncontiLase™ for mild or moderate stress urinary incontinence
  • After the menopausal period vaginal canal atrophy can arise and sexual life becomes painful. RenovaLase® treatment is a solution for these problems.
  • ProlapLase® for the genital prolapscaused by the anatomic alternations, which was formed by the conjunctive tissue's feebleness.

Gentle rejuvenation

Gentle rejuvenation program is the combination of the newest aesthetical laser treamtnet which targets the face and the body:

  • acne and acne scar revision
  • vascular lesions
  • Twinlight® fractional rejuvenation
  • FOTONA 3D™ and FOTONA 4D™ face lifting
  • Age prevent wrinkle preventing and skin resurfacing program

Silent night

Silent night program: Anti-snoring laser treatment is a non-surgical procedure to help safely and effectively reduce or eliminate snoring in adults. Using revolutionary patent-pending NightLase® technology, the technique uses laser energy to address issues with snoring, sleep apnea, and quality of sleep.

The principle

The application of the Er:YAG or the Nd:YAG or both wavelenghts in the course of the revolutionary new method helps the efficiency of he treatment. Through this treatment the laser emits energies that gently heat the collagen fibre in the conjunctive tissue. The collagen fibres tighten by 20-30% while their rebuilding is due. In 3-6 months time the number of the collagen fibres multiplies which gives a lasting elasticity to the tightened conjuncitve tissue. This process is called rejuvenation, because it is not only treating the symptom but cures the core problem. Thanks to this advanced technology the conjunctive tissue rejuvenates by 10-15 years.


The treatment

The treatments are preformed with the world's best laser manufacturer's newest 2015 model the SP Dynamis. Fotona's SP Dynamis is able to use two wavelenghts in a unique way, the Er:YAG and the Nd:YAG. The outstanding 80W maximal output makes the known aesthetic treatments possible, including the light coloured permanent hair reduction.


News and sales

Price change

The price of the following treatments have been changed:

  • IncontiLase™ - Treatments for urinary disorders
  • RenovaLase® - Treatments for problems of menopausal period

Patient testimonials

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Age Prevent

We are introducing our Age Prevent wrinkle preventing and skin resurfacing program. With one treatment a year you can keep your skin’s elasticity and prevent the wrinkles from forming.